Recipe For Christmas Fruit's Cake

Christmas Fruit Cake
Recipe For Christmas Fruit Cake
Christmas Fruit Cake

Butter 250 gm
Icing sugar 250 gm
Egg    5
All purpose flour    230 gm
Milk powder       20 gm
Baking powder     5 gm
Vanilla essence   few drops
Christmas fruit mix   200 gm
Mix sugar and butter with wire whisk
Add egg one by one and mix it well
Take all dry ingredient together and sift in the butter mixture and mix it again
Add the fruits and fold it.
Grease the molds with butter or line the butter paper and fill it 70 % with batter and bake it at 180’c unlit it become firm and light brawn
check it by inserting toothpick.
Cold it and dust with icing sugar or decorate with dry nuts.
Recipe For Christmas Fruit Cake
                                                           "Christmas Fruit Cake"                                           


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